So many Sonos Options…Which One is Right for You? Part 4 of 4

‘Tis the season for some Sonos…but where do you begin?  If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Sonos, but if you go to the BIG Box Store it can be overwhelming when you see just photohow many Sonos options there are. (BTW…please feel free to LOOK, but if you find ANY value in my posts, consider making your Sonos purchases directly from me…I’m happy to ship them to you. 😊)  Where do you begin?  Well look no further, today I’m going to start a 4 part series to dig deep and fill you in on everything you need to know to make the BEST decision for which Sonos product is the perfect one for your space.

This is Part 4.

In this final part of this 4 part series about Sonos, we are going to cover the speaker accessories from Sonos.   The Sonos accessories can be just as effective for your pace and may even be a better solution, but they may require some additional assistance from a professional to install.  The Sonos Accessories that we are going to look at are going to be the Sonos Connect, the Sonos Connect Amp and the NEW Sonos Amp.

First is the Sonos Connect.  This piece is going to be the device that allows you to stream your music service to your speakers, but if g616ZP90-o_angleyou IMG_8780choose to use this piece, you will have to add in your speakers, an amplifier, the connections and the power.  To review these parts and pieces, feel free to look over Part 1 of this series.  The Connect is a wonderful solution if you are looking to add streaming service to an already existing stereo set up or if you are ok with only having one streaming source to multiple zones of audio.  To use this piece, you’d also have to make sure that you have either volume controls or a speaker selector that would allow you to have independent on/off and volume in the various areas.

The next piece we will look at is the Sonos Connect Amp.  This is similar to the Sonos Connect, but it also includes the amplifier.  This is a perfect option if you currently have 8921884_sd.jpg;maxHeight=640;maxWidth=550speakers installed at your house and are looking to upgrade to an easier music streaming option.  The beauty of this piece is that you can have multiples in the house to create IMG_6348individual zones, but you are also able through the app to sync these zones together for what we like to call “party mode” where all of the rooms can be streaming the same music throughout the house.  This Sonos device is also the piece that you’d need to add to your system if you want to set up a 5.1 Surround Sound System using existing speakers.  To do this, you’d need to have either a Sonos Playbar or Sonos Beam and a Sonos Sub that we discussed in part 3 along with a pair of your own speakers, either freestanding or in-wall.

The final piece in the Sonos Accessories line is the NEW Sonos Amp.  This piece was introduced in August, but it is just now becoming available for purchase.  The IMG_9469upgrades in this piece are first and foremost, more power….it has a whopping Sonos-Amp125 Watts compared to the 55 Watts in it’s predecessor the Sonos Connect Amp.  This will allow you to connect not only 2 speakers, but 4, so it’s perfect for a single zone of audio in a large open space that is so popular in new home construction now.  Think about when you have a pair of speakers in your kitchen that is connected to the open  dining room, or perhaps when you have the kitchen open to the great room.  Another wonderful opportunity to use the Amp is when you have zone audio set up in a basement kitchenette that is open to the lower level family room.  The other upgrades to this new piece is that it is rack mountable and it is set up for AirPlay 2.  The Amp, like the Connect Amp can also be used when you choose to set up a 5.1 Surround Sound System in your space as well.

That completes the final part of IMG_8847this 4 part series on Sonos.  I hope that you learned a little and that you’re better able to determine what the best Sonos product is for you.  If you are still wondering or would like a free consultation for your space, please reach out and let me know.  To see any of the previous parts of this series, click HERE for part 1, HERE for part 2 or HERE for part 3.  I can’t wait to help you find the BEST Sonos product for your specific needs and the space within which you will use them.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about home technology products.  Feel free to visit my website at or visit my Facebook or Instagram pages.

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