So many Sonos Options…Which One is Right for You? Part 1 of 4

‘Tis the season for some Sonos…but where do you begin?  If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Sonos, but photoif you go to the BIG Box Store it can be overwhelming when you see just how many Sonos options there are. (BTW…please feel free to LOOK, but if you find ANY value in my posts, consider making your Sonos purchases directly from me by going to my website or sending me an email request…I’m happy to ship them to you. 😊)  Where do you begin?  Well look no further, I’m going to start a 4 part series to dig deep and fill you in on everything you need to know to make the BEST decision for which Sonos product is the perfect one for your space.

This is Part 1.

Before we talk about Sonos products, let’s take a quick look at the (basic) parts that you need to make your music system work.  1. You need SPEAKERS (duh!) 2. You need an AMPLIFIER.    3. You need to CONNECT all of these parts.  4. You need POWER.  5. You need a music SOURCE.  Let’s look at each of these parts a little closer…..

1. Speakers….these can come in MANY forms, you can have in-wall speakers 1115origin.promo_that are made to fit flush into a wall or ceiling, you can have freestanding speakers like tower speakers, rock speakers RBH-SV-Series-thumb-800xauto-15164and a variety of other visually aesthetic options.  We aren’t going to dive too deep into exact speakers here, but the basics you want to make sure of is if they are made for indoor or outdoor use.  I know, I know…there is a LOT more to know, but I promise, we’ll cover more about this in a future blog post.

2. Amplifiers…again, we can get really technical here, but this is just the basics.  The amplifier is what is going to use the powers source to 8921884_sd.jpg;maxHeight=640;maxWidth=550create the g981A2150-Famplitude that a speaker needs to push the sound.  This can be a separate piece or it can be an electrical circuit that is contained within a piece.  We will talk more about this in part 2 of this 4 part series as we look at some of the Sonos ‘freestanding’ products. Click HERE to jump to that part of the series.

3.  Connection…To make all of these parts work, they100-1024_HR_0 need to 3-5mm-stereo-mini-plug-to-dual-rca-jack-6-in-1be connected to each other.  Some of these connections will be a wired connection (think speaker wires or RCA jacks), some of these connections may be internally within the parts themselves as we will see more again in part 2 of this series.  Some of these connections are done via wireless connections like Bluetooth or WiFi connections that you won’t be able to see.

4.  Power…Remember how we just talked SONY DSCabout how an amplifier uses power to push the sound?  Well that’s right…you WILL need a power source to make all of this work.  It is most often accomplished via either a 110 outlet wall plug or it may use a battery source.  They way these systems get power can be one of the determining factors as to what type of system you will want or need to set up at your location.

5.  Music Source…this is where your music with come from.  You have LOTS of options 10154914for this, but the basics for today’s purposes are, streaming sources (think Pandora, Spotify or one of hundreds of other options.), or a device like a turntable, CD player, etc.  You are able to make personalized play lists with some of these systems as well to ensure that your favorite tunes are always playing.

That completes the first part of IMG_8847this 4 part series on Sonos.  I hope that you learned a little and that you’re willing to join me for the rest of this journey into the discovery of Sonos.  To see part 2 of this series, click HERE.  I can’t wait to help you find the BEST Sonos product for your specific needs and the space within which you will use them.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about home technology products.  Feel free to visit my website at or visit my Facebook or Instagram pages.


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