So many Sonos Options…Which One is Right for You? Part 2 of 4

‘Tis the season for some Sonos…but where do you begin?  If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Sonos, but if you go to the BIG Box Store it can be overwhelming when you see just photohow many Sonos options there are. (BTW…please feel free to LOOK, but if you find ANY value in my posts, consider making your Sonos purchases directly from me…I’m happy to ship them to you. 😊)  Where do you begin?  Well look no further, today I’m going to start a 4 part series to dig deep and fill you in on everything you need to know to make the BEST decision for which Sonos product is the perfect one for your space.

This is Part 2.

Now that we have covered the very basics on speakers (Part 1), let’s look a little closer at Sonos.  I like to think of Sonos as being split into essentially two categories.  The first being their ‘freestanding’ speakers and the second being beam6_SOL-31805_2-27387their speaker accessories.  Their freestanding speakers are the ones that are probably the easiest for you to set up if you are a novice diy-er.  The Sonos accessories can be just as effective for your pace and may even be a better solution, but they may require some additional assistance from a professional to install.  Sonos freestanding speakers are the largest category that Sonos makes.  They are the New Sonos One, the Limited Edition Sonos HAY One, the Sonos Play 1, the Sonos Play 5, the New Sonos Beam, the Sonos Playbar, the Sonos Playbase and the Sonos Sub.  We will look at each one a little closer in this part of the series as well as what might be the best situation to use them in.

Let’s look at the first 4 a little closer as they function very similar and will be used in similar application.  The One, HAY One, Play 1 and Play 5 speakers are essentially what we like to call “plug-and-play” speakers. HAY-Sonos-One-header-v1These speakers have all of the first three parts that we described in part 1 of this series all contained in one piece.  These devices contain the speaker, the amplifier and all the connections that are needed, all you have to do is add the power and connect to your music source.  These are SUPER easy to set up on the diy scale and can be used as a single room solution or they can be used to make up a surround sound system which we will talk about coming up.  So if you are going to use one of these as a single room solution, what should you choose?

These are the things you’d want to consider.  The Sonos One and the HAY One both include Amazon Alexa Voice Control, so if you are g700SONEX2M-Finterested in using an Alexa option, these are both great choices, the main difference between the two options are the colors.  The Sonos One is DrQwhpUXQAE-oOfavailable in the traditional black or white color and the Limited Edition HAY One is available in 5 color options, Vibrant Red, Forest Green, Soft Pink, Light Grey and Pale Yellow.  They are a great way to add some personality to your system…or in my case, make sure the kids don’t fight over who’s is who’s!  😆  The Sonos Play 1 and Play 5 are also “plug-and-play” speakers, but these do not have Alexa built in. (However you can connect them to an external Amazon device if you like.)  These speakers are IMG_9938a great solution for a single room situation like a master bathroom, a bedroom or a sun room for example.  The Play 1 is pretty much the same as sonos-play-5-wireless-speaker-review-black-white-1300x650px_3the One and the HAY One just without Alexa, but the Play 5 boasts 6 amplifiers, 3 tweeters and 3 mid woofers to give you a greater and richer sound that will fill a larger space than any of the previously mentioned freestanding speakers from Sonos.  The Play 5 also gives you a ‘line-in’ source so you are able to plug in an additional music source like a turntable.

That completes the second part of IMG_8847this 4 part series on Sonos.  I hope that you learned a little and that you’re willing to join me for the rest of this journey into the discovery of Sonos.  To see part 3 of this series, click HERE.  I can’t wait to help you find the BEST Sonos product for your specific needs and the space within which you will use them.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about home technology products.  Feel free to visit my website at or visit my Facebook or Instagram pages.


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