The Greatest Showman…even BETTER!


Today is a post all about F-U-N!  Don’t you just LOVE a super awesome party?

Wait, if you answered “No”…I’m not sure we can be friends…no seriously, we all love parties, but IMG_9565many times we are stumped for where to start.  Well lucky for you, today I’m going to share with you some very cool ideas from my WAY too creative sisters and of course I’m going to throw in a little technology information while we are here too!

My nephew, Brayden, like most people….unless of course you are living under a rock…has seen and just LOVES the movie “The Greatest Showman”! 46086803_10100801965671314_4043564387510779904_nSo for his 4th birthday this kiddo wanted to celebrate in spectacular fashion.  Ok, ok….so that may not have been his words, but cue my beautiful and super creative sisters and Brayden was about to ring in his 4th birthday in style!

My sisters started by transforming the living room into a GIANT circus tent!  Using some red and white plastic tablecloths they 46063553_10100801965895864_1976554987685150720_nwere able to transform my sister’s living room into the big top that would set the scene for this event.  My sisters have a knack for making sure every detail is on theme…bring on the food46001279_10100801965751154_108422102880616448_n…from hot dogs to caramel corn to circus animal cookies to peanuts…they brought the circus right into the kitchen!

I know your mouth is watering, but you’re thinking “Hey, didn’t she say that there 46035945_10100801965830994_3462210164218658816_nwould be something about technology in here?”  After all, that’s why you read this blog right?  Well there is….when you look to create an experience its all about the sights, the smells (minus the animal smells of course) and the SOUNDS!  That is where our IMG_9399technology comes into play.  When we gather as a family, we enjoy spending time together with music and this party was no exception.  When my sister and brother-in-law built their house, they knew this would be important to them and so they consulted with us at TruMedia early on to provide a distributed audio system in their house.

The primary goal of the system that we installed for them was that ease of use.  My sister has four young kiddos and “dance parties” have become 45956979_10100801965960734_1176795866300678144_nthe evening ritual.  Just before teeth brushing and story time they get to get their ‘Risky Business’ on by sliding across the floors to everything from Frozen to the Greatest Showman!

We achieved beautiful aesthetics with this system by installing RBH frameless in-ceiling speakers in the great room and kitchen.  This allows for either 2 individual zones of audio or they can be linked together to provide a IMG_9365seamless ‘party-mode’ experience throughout the open concept space.  We used Sonos Connect Amps that are conveniently housed one of the two OmniMount wall racks  that we installed in the utility room. (I will have more to come on that in a future blog post.)  This might be one of my brother-in-law’s favorite features..he LOVES things that are utilitarian, but HATES seeing things clutter up his space.  All of this system is easily run from the Sonos app on my sister’s smart phone or even by a simple ‘shout-out’ to her friend Alexa.

See I told you we’d cover some technology in this post too….well if this all looks fun to you and you want to learn more or maybe you just need an invite to the next family party (just kidding), please feel free to visit my website at or check out my Facebook or InstagramIMG_9417-2 pages to see more photos and a video we shot at the party.  To learn more about these products or to schedule a time to update your house to make it ‘party-mode’ ready just give us a call.

As  they would say in the Greatest Showman, “The noblest art is that of making others happy!” and we try to achieve that everyday for our clients!


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