Lutron…a partner with principle!


We just recently visited New York City and while we were there, we tried to take an opportunity to visit a few fellow integrators as well as some of our manufacturing partners.  To that end, of course the Lutron Experience Center was on our list!  One of the first things that struck me as special about this place was the moment you enter the showroom, Lutron has their 5 Principles listed right on the wall to greet you.

IMG_2078Lutron’s Five Principles and Quality Policy are:

  • Take Care of the Customer with Superior Goods and Services
  • Take Care of the Company
  • Take Care of the People
  • Innovate with High Quality Products
  • Deliver Value to the Customer

A quick stop by their website develops these principles further….Lutron believes The customer is their number one priority and the reason they exist as a company.  They are dedicated to growth and innovative development.  They provide opportunities for their employees to fully develop their lutron-logo.jpgabilities and make a personal contribution to the success of the company.  It’s when I read and see these things that I know I have made a great choice for my clients in the products that I am going to be presenting them with and that they will be using daily in their home and work environments.

I don’t believe however that words alone are enough, so 2.-pictures-lutron-founder-joel-spira-20121006-021I’m happy to share with you ways that Lutron meets and many times exceeds these principles they have committed to adhering too.  Lutron is a privately owned company that started in 1950, but incorporated in 1959.  Joel Spira and his wife, Ruth, started with 2 products but they have grown to a catalog of over 15,000 products over 50 years.  Lutron also holds over 2,700 worldwide patents!

In addition to the lighting control products that they are perhaps most known for, Lutron IMG_7256has a vast array of shades available for clients.  They offer roller shades, roman shades, venetian wood blinds, black out options as well as drapery solutions.  They have not only many fabrics to choose from, many of their fabrics also have different options of opacity.  Which means you get the option of how much you are able to see through the shade.

In upcoming blog posts, I plan to go into a little more detail with you about all of the products Lutron has to offer.  In the meantime, if you are a home owner or a designer and you are interested in learning more about how IMG_2469Lutron products are able to customize your space, feel free to reach out to use at TruMedia.  You can find us at our website or on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.  Additionally, if you are going to visiting New York or would like to visit the Lutron Experience Center yourself, please let us know and we will help you to set up a visit so you are able to see it all for yourself first hand!

As always, if there is a piece of technology for your home or business that you’d like to know more about, please feel free to send me a message, I will work to get you an answer, and your question may become the topic of an upcoming blog post!

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