The Greatest Showman…even BETTER!

Today is a post all about F-U-N!  Don't you just LOVE a super awesome party? Wait, if you answered "No"...I'm not sure we can be seriously, we all love parties, but many times we are stumped for where to start.  Well lucky for you, today I'm going to share with you some very cool ideas from… Continue reading The Greatest Showman…even BETTER!


5 Simple Smart Home Device to Update Your Home Before Thanksgiving

Everyday I get asked "What are your FAVORITE Smart Home devices?", so today I'm going to give you my Top 5 Simple Smart Home Devices that you can put into your home before Thanksgiving.  I picked each of these products based on three criteria, 1-Budget Friendly, 2-Ease of use and 3-Impact on enhancing your life.… Continue reading 5 Simple Smart Home Device to Update Your Home Before Thanksgiving

Alexa…she’ll be your FAVORITE guest in the kitchen!

People always ask me what I think are going to be the "game-changers" in technology in the home, so today I wanted to talk with you about one of the biggest changes that I see coming for your kitchen space.  That game-changer goes by the name "Alexa".  OK, OK...I know I'm about to get some static… Continue reading Alexa…she’ll be your FAVORITE guest in the kitchen!

Gorgeous Master Bedroom Retreat!

Today we are showing off this absolutely gorgeous master bedroom retreat and the technology we were able to incorporate in it.  This room has a distributed audio system comprised of RBH speakers, Sonos and all controlled by Total Control. First thing you might be asking is "What is a distributed audio system?"  Since we are… Continue reading Gorgeous Master Bedroom Retreat!

Shipt Door from the Garage to the Pantry!

Ok, I know I'm dedicated to bringing you all things tech...but this next post isn't something specifically about technology, but it would fall under the category of innovative and so that's why I'm including a post on it here.  Additionally, it brings to light a new technology that is available that is changing how households… Continue reading Shipt Door from the Garage to the Pantry!